- more than just a sellingcompany


I have been working as a telemarketer in 20 years by selling for charities. I am very successful in my nish but wants to move on and spread my wings now - and instead concentrate my professional experiences on the internet fully out. I have been working successfully before on the net as a seller with affiliating.  Talking about that - it means that affiliating is a way to resell a product that you have bought - so that you will earn a commission when you are promoting the product so that you are spreading the word about  it and make the affiliated product to be more sold. Affiliating is therefore very income bringing when you are good at marketing.


Let us help you become a good affiliater that can earn alot of money.

We bring you good sites where you can participate as an affiliater - reseller of a product or a site.   We are  located in Sweden but can be reachable intenationally. Physical address is Gustavsberg



My Story

My goal is to help others to earn on the net as you need to gain some experiences from the market before you can become successfull as there are a lot of luck-seakers on the net.

Since 1998 I have been a successfull marketer and my experiences is so worthy that I want to help others to get fullfedered sellers too.  The key to it all is to always have good comunications with the potiential and actual customers.

Therefore I am gonna sell good programs that are teaching out good tips for how to take care of all peoples that are gonna stream into your company or into your private pocket.